15-0-0 (W-L-D)

KOs: 11


HEIGHT: 6'6”
DOB 30/04/1986
BIRTHPLACE: Tahlequah, Oklahoma; Cherokee Nation Citizen
STANCE: Orthadox
RECORD: 15-0-0, 11 KOs


Born in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, half Cherokee Native, John Wesley Nofire, began boxing in 2007 as a way to stay physically fit. As a high school basketball standout, it didn’t take long for Nofire’s natural athletic ability combined with his 6’6” height to prove he could make a career in professional boxing. As an amateur, Nofire was named Oklahoma State Champion in the Super Heavyweight Division and went on to participate in the 2010 National Golden Gloves boxing tournament as the Kansas-Oklahoma regional representative. Although his career in boxing has been brief thus far, he is dedicated to his craft and trains daily with urgency and intensity.


In 2011, Nofire moved to Miami, Florida where he met John David Jackson, a former two-time world champion. Jackson liked the natural speed and ability that Nofire brought to the ring, and on August 26th got him his professional boxing debut at Cherokee Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Nofire won by KO in just 1:20 during the first round and his second bout took him only 41 seconds to floor David Fuller in the first round. December 30th, on Kimbo Slice’s undercard, Nofire boxed an impressive fight against Terrell Woods winning him his third bout with a unanimous decision. In 2012, Nofire started the year with a bang, knocking out his first two opponents in the first round. In May, Nofire fought Derek Welker, knocking him down two times in the first round and twice in the fourth round. Referee Dale Frye ended the bout with 1:46 remaining. June 23rd, Nofire faced journeyman, Jonathan Felton, in Greensboro, NC, and with a steady pace dominated. Nofire knocked Felton to the canvas at 1:23 into round six to end the fight.


Keep checking back and follow Nofire as he changes the heavyweight division.



Win 15-24-1 Earl Ladson 9/26/14 UD 6 6
Win 16-38-5 Louis Monaco 4/6/14 TKO 1 4
Win 3-17-1 Maurice Winslow 8/24/13 TKO 2 6  
Win 3-3-0 Donell Gray 7/19/13 TKO 1 6
Win 9-5-1 Robert Dunton 3/15/13 UD 6 6
Win 1-4-0 DJ Hughley 12/15/12 UD 4 4
Win 2-10-0 Darrick Allen 8/24/12 TKO 2 4
Win 9-5-1 Shannon Caudle 7/27/12 TKO 3 4
Win 6-25-0 Jonathan Felton 6/23/12 TKO 6 6
Win 1-5-0 Derek Walker 5/4/12 TKO 4 4
Win 2-10-1 Octavius Davis 3/30/12 KO 1 4
Win 0-4-0 Vashawn Tomlin 2/25/12 KO 1 4
Win 2-1-0 Jamal Woods 12/30/11 UD 4 4
Win 0-2-0 David Fuller 11/18/11 TKO 1 4
Win debut Marc Webb 8/26/11 KO 1 4